Joint-Stock Company MEZHDUNARODNAYA KNIGA - KNIGI is the oldest and the most experienced foreign trade organization that has been dealing with export and import of printed materials more than 80 years (est. 1923).

MK has contracts with many Russian publishers, trade companies, wholesalers, scientific centers, institutions and offers more than 40 thousands of titles on different subjects every year.

MK has customers across the globe - America, Europe, Asia. MK has competitive prices, thanks to its reputation on the Russian book market. Recently MK has merged with a known domestic wholesaler which brought many exclusive publishers to its catalogue.

MK knows the book market of today’s Russia from the inside, working with many small and independent publishers as well as with universities and other scientific institutions. If you need something more complicated than just another bestseller – ask us.

MK knows books from the inside – if you need information or an offer – ask us, and we will give you qualified answer.

MK works on every order - not taking extra money for that. If you need only one book, or if you are looking for a rare book – ask us.

MK aspires to promote the Russian book culture in the world and is constantly in search of new ways to bring it to other countries. MK maintains several programs that seek to involve those publishing projects that find small demand, but still make substantial contribution to the Russian cultural and scientific image in the world:

* Books of Russia’s regions
Russia is still suffering poor distribution and lack of information on its large territory. MK is trying to establish connections with many different publishers across the country, accumulating the interesting offer of books published outside the two centers - Moscow and St. Petersburg.

* Academic books
The whole large system of scientific publications that existed in USSR (including publishers, distribution and even its own bookstore network) was ruined in the early 90s. MK is working on gathering the separated islands of academic publishing, considering it a very valuable product.
MK works with Russian Academy of Science, with many State Universities across the country as well as specialized agencies and institutes.

* Low press runs
Usually editions with low press runs are of no interest for big players at the bookselling market. Therefore they are not presented in bookstores and there is almost no information on them available. But their relevance to the Russian book-publishing landscape is quite important. MK is working with a number of such publishers on the regular basis, sometimes being its only representative even at the domestic market.

MK is always looking forward to establish new business contacts with book trading companies, bookstores or libraries and is glad to see you at our stands during Book Fairs. We are flexible and open to discuss the terms of work.






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